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We can do it because of our consistent system.
I have an ideal system.

As an industrial furnace manufacturer, Hokuriku Techno will realize a consistent service system from design to construction, sales and after-sales follow-up.

We offer the ideal system that can flexibly and accurately meet the needs of our customers.

Design/Manufacturing/Installation Department

We look at the production site from the perspective of a consultant.

In the case of factory plants, we do not design the factory according to the equipment, but design the equipment according to the factory. We believe that this is the basis of plant design. When designing, we first start by understanding the problems that the factory is actually facing, and then create an overall outlook for the future, which is pre-design work equivalent to consulting. Based on the results of this consulting work, we are working on the implementation design. In order to build the ideal production system required by each factory, such a precise process is necessary. To that end, we are developing FA (factory automation) and CIM (computer integrated manufacturing) by linking with cutting-edge software as well as foundry technology.

Construction department

Our know-how is also reflected in the proposal of each material.

"I want to apply foundry technology to other fields and provide a safe and environmentally friendly environment." Based on such wishes, we handle various casting materials with high reliability. We have a wealth of data cultivated through foundry technology, and we know everything about the characteristics of materials, and because we know the characteristics of equipment structures, mechanisms, and products, we are able to respond immediately and provide products that meet customer needs. is. We value the working environment and the global environment, and deliver with absolute confidence.

Sales department

We will continue to do our best to create an environment that is friendly to people and nature.

A "comfortable environment" is born from the assembly of precise technology. We integrate advanced construction technology and engineering technology, and continue to conduct research and construction day and night with our own advanced technology. For example, product groups such as curtain walls and fireproof panels. At times, these materials protect human lives as fireproof materials, and at other times, they help create comfortable spaces as insulation materials. Furthermore, it is truly a multi-purpose and highly versatile building material that also serves as a bonding agent at times. While making full use of these excellent building materials, we have won overwhelming trust from users through outstanding construction.