Hokuriku Techno Co., Ltd.

Contract heat treatment business


Heat treatment processing service

We receive the customer's product, carry out heat treatment under thorough management at our heat treatment factory, and deliver it.

Possible heat treatment

What can be done by heat treatment

Target metal
T6 heat treatmentAutomobiles, aviation parts, etc.aluminum

Service contents

Contracted processing of T6 heat treatment

12.15. Chrysalis bell box, Keso, 023A7693

Cast products are subjected to solution treatment, quenching, and aging treatment to improve strength and hardness.

Owned equipment

① T6 heat treatment furnace 1 unit
Maximum throughput: 500kg/basket
② Hybrid T6 heat treatment furnace 1 unit
Maximum throughput: 700kg/basket

Straightening work

We also undertake work to correct distortions and deformations in external dimensions after heat treatment.