Hokuriku Techno Co., Ltd.

Equipment construction business


About equipment construction business

Repair work, maintenance, etc. for not only the equipment delivered by us, but also for the equipment owned by the customer.
We have a complete support system in place, so please contact us first.

Service contents

Furnace repair work

Refractory repair, oxide removal work, replacement work

We will check the condition of the damaged part, propose the most suitable repair, and carry out the repair work. We also inspect the inside of the furnace and remove oxides.

Replacement/replacement work

We perform replacement and re-covering work for everything from buses and ladles to gutters. It enhances heat insulation and extends the life of the product.

Combustion equipment, equipment maintenance

Combustion equipment inspection, repair, adjustment, replacement

We will investigate, adjust, repair, and replace parts for malfunctions of combustion equipment. Regular inspections can prevent problems from occurring.

Various equipment inspection, repair, replacement

Please leave the ancillary equipment around the furnace to us. We also manufacture and inspect dust collectors, pipe work, and manufacture conveyors.

Energy-saving construction

Energy-saving equipment proposal

We propose ways to save energy and improve the environment for our customers' factories and facilities by proposing switching to energy-saving combustion equipment, fuel conversion, and strengthening insulation.