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Environmental furnace business


Contribute to the environment with a focus on biomass resources

In order to create new industries and new businesses using biomass resources (rice husks) as raw materials, we use rice husks, which are ubiquitous throughout the country, as a resource, and use advanced controlled heat treatment technology to produce beneficial non-toxic substances without emitting harmful substances. We are engaged in a business aimed at achieving "complete recycling of rice husks" with no environmental impact by manufacturing crystalline rice husk ash and utilizing the generated heat as a renewable energy source. .

Environmental furnace series

Rice husk processing furnace

The "Environmental Furnace Series Rice Husk Processing Furnace" heat-treats industrial waste rice husks using advanced in-furnace control technology to produce rice husk ash containing useful amorphous soluble silica without emitting harmful substances. Equipment for manufacturing.
The produced rice hull ash can be utilized in industries related to agriculture, environment, food and health.

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Rice husk processing furnace