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electric holding furnace

Vertical immersion heater VH furnace

Aiming to improve the quality of molten aluminum

A compact, high-output, high-efficiency electric immersion heater is used to reduce troubles caused by oxide deposition on the heater and supply high-quality molten metal.

Comparison of three types of electric heater holding furnaces

vertical immersion heater furnace

  • gThe heater can be replaced safely.
  • Dewatering is possible and restarting is easy.
  • Hearth sludge is easy to remove, keeping the molten metal clean.
  • AI removal around the heater tube can be done easily.
  • Compact and minimal surface area → reduced power consumption.

Horizontal immersion heater furnace(under heater furnace)

  • The heater tubes get in the way, making it difficult to remove the hearth sludge and causing hard spots.
  • There is a risk of tube breakage when restarting after removing hot water.
  • AI film is attached around the tube, and the heater efficiency drops.
  • There is a problem with safety when the tube is damaged, and it takes time to recover.(Tube replacement work is required for one week, and the line must be stopped.)

top heater furnace

  • Because heat is applied from above, it is difficult to apply heat evenly.
  • It takes some time to warm up.
  • Since the atmosphere is heated, oxides (ghosts) are generated, and frequent cleaning of the furnace is practical.
  • It is necessary to raise the furnace lid and replace the heater.

Immersion heater I type

A compact immersion heater featuring high output (10-35kw) and high efficiency (98%), and can be easily used as a heat source for holding furnaces and ladles.

■ Features

  • High power heating 30W/㎠
  • high quality metal heater
  • Heating efficiency 98%
  • Compact and easy to install

■ I type product specifications

heater diameter 20-55mm
total tube length 500-1500mm
connection voltage 45-600V

High output immersion heater C type

A ceramic tube immersion heater with a diameter of only 32 mm.
Compact and highly efficient, it can be easily used as a heat source for a pass-type holding furnace.

■ Features

  • high quality metal heater
  • High thermal efficiency 98%
  • Heater life is twice as long as conventional products
  • Heater diameter 32mm
  • Easy installation and mounting

■ C type product specifications

heater output 6KW 8KW
power supply AC200V AC200V
internal thermocouple Type K Type K
Protection tube dimensions Diameter 32×720mm Diameter 32×720mm
Protective tube material Si3N4 Si3N4 Si3N4
Connection pipe material SUS304 SUS304
heat generation length 300mm 400mm
weight 7kg 8 kg

High output immersion heater L type

Horizontally supported by vertical tubes, it can provide high output power even at low aluminum melt levels.

■ Features

  • High power heating 30W/㎠
  • high quality metal heater
  • Heating efficiency 98%
  • Uses high quality Japanese heater tubes
  • Easy to install
  • Replacement maintenance can be done in a short time

■ L type product specifications

Heater tube diameter diameter mm 32 32 55
Heater tube length mm 660 760 900
vertical tube length mm 200 to 1000
Heater output 200V Three-phase KW750℃ 8 11 17

Product comparison chart

vertical immersion heater furnaceHorizontal immersion heater furnacetop heater furnace
Amount of aluminum retained1,000kg (VH1000)1,000kg (UH1000)1,000kg (TP1000)
heater capacity200v 10kw x 2200v 10kw x 2200v 2.4kw x 6
Molten metal leakage safety
Draining hot water×
Heating capacity×
Ease of heater replacement
Cannot be replaced if the tube is damaged
Raise the furnace lid and replace
Oxide generationFewFewmany
Furnace cleaning1 time/2 weeks1 time/month1 time/week
Ease of hearth cleaning×
heater lifetwo years1-2 years1 year
Comprehensive evaluation×

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