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aluminum crucible furnace

spiral furnace

Crucible melting and holding furnace

A furnace that increases the number of laps of the flame by providing spiral projections on the inner wall of the crucible furnace. By increasing the number of laps of the flame, more merits are born than before.

Comparison with conventional furnace

Structural comparison

*Spiral crucible condition is 1 month after replacement.
*Working conditions include die casting, hot charging, and operation for 20 hours or more on weekdays.

spiral furnace

The spiral furnace was researched and developed by the "Problem-solving new technology research project". The contents of research and development areUSA 21st Heat Treating Society ConferenceAnnounced at.

Conventional furnace

The direction of the burner is changed so that the flame does not hit the crucible directly, and the flame is burned around the inner wall of the furnace.
[Problem] The lower part of the crucible is locally heated and a hole is made.

Functions and features


spiral furnace

As the flame rotates in a spiral, effective heat is transferred to the entire crucible.
Controls the pressure inside the furnace for optimal combustion.

Conventional furnace

The flame is heading to the exhaust port in about one lap.


spiral furnace

● Speed up temperature rise
Since the flame rotates along the frame guide, the entire crucible is wrapped in flame. By transferring heat to the entire crucible, the heating speed is increased.

Conventional furnace

The flame is circulating only in a part of the crucible, which causes cracking of the crucible.


spiral furnace

●Reduction of defect rate
It eliminates unevenness in melting temperature and leads to uniform product quality.

Conventional furnace

The crucible is locally heated and temperature unevenness occurs.


spiral furnace

Extending crucible life
Since the crucible surface load is uniform, it prevents the load from being applied only to a part of the crucible and extends the life of the crucible.

Conventional furnace

Product specifications

  • Furnace body (1 unit)
  • Combustion equipment (1 set)
  • Control panel (side 1) temperature controller, misfire alarm, blower overload alarm, hot water leak detection alarm

*Detailed usage will be decided through a meeting.
*Crucibles are available separately.
*There are also options such as a heat-retaining lid.

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