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aluminum crucible furnace

Spiral Furnace with SPW Burner

Aiming to improve energy efficiency

By recovering the waste heat of the conventional spiral furnace without discharging it and reusing it as combustion air for the burner, we have achieved a dramatic improvement in energy utilization efficiency.

Comparison with conventional furnace

Spiral furnaces are designed to optimally circulate heat according to the crucible used by the customer, taking into consideration the space inside the furnace and the pressure inside the furnace.
Furthermore, by providing a flow path to circulate exhaust heat, we succeeded in maximizing the heat exchange function of the burner.
In addition, the exhaust heat path is provided inside the furnace to reduce heat dissipation, further enhancing the energy-saving effect.

conventional furnace

Spiral exhaust gas recirculation furnace

What is SPW burner?

With a built-in heat exchanger, it is especially suitable for industrial furnaces with a small amount of combustion.

SPW burner specifications (manufactured by Shoei Seisakusho Co., Ltd.)

Combustion capacity [kw]116232
Burner capacity [Kcal/h]100,000200,000

Product specifications

Amount of aluminum retained15020025030035040050060080010001200
Furnace outer diameter A [mm]1,2501,2501,2501,2601,3701,3701,4001,4501,4501,7001,700
Furnace body height B[mm]9609601,0501,0501,1501,1501,2001,2501,3001,4001,450
Furnace inner diameter C[mm]6506506506607707807808408501,1001,200
Furnace depth D[mm]7008008507807809501,100700800850850
melting burner capacity
Retention burner capacity

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