Hokuriku Techno Co., Ltd.

Aluminum continuous melting and holding furnace

Arspa Furnace

Aiming to supply high-quality molten metal for continuous melting and holding furnaces

Clean melt from the melting furnace pool (SPA) is retained in the crucible furnace. Indirect heating and maintenance prevents the generation of oxides and supplies high-quality molten metal.

Product features

  1. Clean melt from the melting furnace pool (SPA) is retained in the crucible furnace.
  2. The melting speed is increased by the burner flame aimed at the material drop.
  3. The material receiving hearth of the melting chamber is a high-strength refractory brick structure that can withstand the impact of the input material.
  4. Exhaust lid reduces unnecessary exhaust and controls furnace temperature.
  5. The holding crucible furnace is a spiral furnace that reduces gas usage and extends crucible life.
  6. There is no need to use a special crucible, and the crucible can be easily replaced by detaching the flange.
  7. The holding furnace exhaust is reused to preheat the trough.

Product structure

Product specifications

Dissolution amount [kg/hr]250
Retention amount [kg]400
Melting burner capacity [kcal/hr]150,000
Retention burner capacity [kcal/hr]100,000
A Melting furnace diameter [Φ]1,600
B Holding furnace diameter [Φ]1,350
C Distance between furnaces [mm]2,000
D Melting furnace height [mm]2,720
E Holding furnace height [mm]1,230

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